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SUCHEN: Pioneering Nutritional Excellence for Families Globally

Grand News Network | March 12, 2024

United States, 12th Mar 2024 - SUCHEN stands as a hallmark of global nutrition health, dedicated to the well-being of mothers and infants. Founded with a vision to cater to the essential nutritional needs across different stages of early life, SUCHEN has established its headquarters in Hong Kong, extending its trademark registrations and operations across New Zealand and the United States. This strategic positioning not only underscores SUCHEN's commitment to delivering unparalleled quality in nutrition and health solutions but also amplifies its accessibility to families worldwide.


SUCHEN: Pioneering Nutritional Excellence for Families Globally

Global Partnerships and Quality Assurance
In its relentless pursuit of excellence, SUCHEN has forged strategic partnerships with premier global raw material suppliers from Japan, the United States, and Denmark. These collaborations are not just a testament to the brand's dedication to quality but also a reflection of its global outreach. By integrating resources from hundreds of material giants, including Japan's Amano and Morinaga, America's DuPont and Embria Health Sciences, and Denmark's Chr. Hansen, SUCHEN ensures that every product meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy. The certifications acquired through these partnerships serve as a beacon of trust and reliability, showcasing SUCHEN's unwavering commitment to quality assurance in the health and nutrition sector.


SUCHEN: Pioneering Nutritional Excellence for Families Globally

Distinctive Research and Development
The cornerstone of SUCHEN's innovation lies in its state-of-the-art research and development center based in New Zealand. Established in collaboration with the Auckland University of Technology, the center is a melting pot of groundbreaking research, focusing on gut health and disease intervention. Under the leadership of distinguished figures such as Professor David Smith, a renowned microbiologist, and postdoctoral supervisors in nutritional engineering, SUCHEN is at the forefront of developing nutritional solutions that are not only scientifically validated but also tailored to meet the specific needs of infants and mothers. The center's strategic partnerships with leading academic institutions underscore its dedication to advancing nutritional science and fostering a new generation of experts in the field.


SUCHEN: Pioneering Nutritional Excellence for Families Globally

Product Range and Certifications
SUCHEN, a renowned nutrition health brand, offers an extensive product range designed to meet the nutritional needs of infants, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. The brand's commitment to safety and quality is evidenced by the double certification its products have received from New Zealand's food safety and pediatric research centers. These certifications are not just mere accolades; they serve as a testament to SUCHEN's rigorous adherence to the highest standards of product safety, quality control, and nutritional value. By integrating advanced scientific research with natural ingredients, SUCHEN ensures that every product in its lineup meets the comprehensive health needs of its target demographics, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the nutrition health industry.


SUCHEN: Pioneering Nutritional Excellence for Families Globally

Market Presence and Accessibility
In New Zealand, SUCHEN has established a formidable market presence, underscored by its wide availability across various retail and online distribution channels. The brand's products are readily accessible in pharmacies, specialty health food stores, and through e-commerce platforms, making it easy for families to access the nutrition they trust. This accessibility is further enhanced by the brand's recognition in New Zealand's healthcare food industry, where it has received accolades for its distinctive approach to nutrition and wellness. Such recognition not only reflects the brand's commitment to quality but also its successful integration into the health-conscious market of New Zealand, contributing significantly to its growing reputation among consumers seeking reliable and effective nutritional solutions.


SUCHEN: Pioneering Nutritional Excellence for Families Globally

Commitment to Health and Well-being
At the heart of SUCHEN's mission lies a profound commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of families worldwide. Through the delivery of high-quality, safe, and scientifically backed nutritional solutions, the brand embodies its philosophy of love and health transmission. This dedication is not merely about providing products; it's about nurturing a healthier future for generations to come. By prioritizing the welfare of its customers and investing in continuous research and development, SUCHEN stands as a beacon of hope and reliability in the global nutrition health sector, promising a legacy of wellness that transcends borders.

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